Bradley School NBZ

Bradley School Addresses Bullying

Does Bradley school have a large bulling program? No
Is Bradley school a bully free zone?  No, not yet.
Is Bradley school committed to becoming a bully free school?  Yes, very.

In order to get there, we all need to understand bullying beyond the simple cliché's.

What is Bullying?

We often consider bullying in the traditional model, which is defined as repeated acts of aggressive behavior toward another, or using ones superior strength (physical, emotional, intellectual) to force/intimidate another into a desired behavior.  However, even more common is when students bully by shunning others and spreading rumors about them. Others use email, chat rooms, instant messages, social networking websites, and text messages. 

Why Do Kids Bully?

Kids bully for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they pick on kids because they need a victim. Sometimes kids torment others because that’s the way they have been treated. They may think their behavior is normal because they come from families or other settings where everyone regularly gets angry, shouts, or calls names.  Often times students feel that they have no control or power over their own lives, so they seek to hurt others to find control or power.

Bradley School Response

Bradley School staff desires all of our students to be treated fairly and with respect.  Bullying is not an easy problem to solve, as it is often deeply ingrained in social expectations, family dynamics, and students emotional defense systems.  However, staff discuss bullying with our students, including self advocacy, using respectful language, and empathetic role playing. 

Bullying is not a problem that can be conquered with one dramatic presentation, regardless of how effective the message.  Bullying can only be defeated by a community effort and a consistent message of respect, understanding, self esteem building, and self control.  Students, staff, and parents all need to review how we communicate with others, how we speak and treat others the and the lessons we demonstrate to our children.  Ask you self, do I demonstrate kind, ethical treatment of others?  Are my actions ethical and honest?  Do I yell when speaking would suffice?

Together, family, students, and staff can make Bradley School a Bully Free Zone!